Sleep In The Dirt

Up and Down Denali

Essays From the Field
One of the defining characteristics of climbing Denali is the long slog from Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp at 14,000 feet. A nearly 13-mile, 7,000-foot climb that is weighed down with the more than 120 pounds of fuel, food, camping equipment and climbing gear. Over the course of five days, we huffed, puffed and ski toured across a minefield of crevasses to reach 14K camp. Read the rest

Kellie Nelson’s Fat Pursuit

Essays From the Field
"Game day... I’ve got my work cut out for me. Two hundred wintry miles is serious business. There’s snow in the forecast here. There’s also an incredible energy here in Island Park. The camaraderie is thick. There’s a field of friends here, and this event continuously manages to attract some pretty special people. I consider myself lucky to be among them. Somehow, I am ready." Read the rest

Big Agnes Athlete Douglas Hurdle Completes Thru-hiking Triple Crown

The Campfire Chronicles
The Continental Divide Trail, often called  “the big one” by hopeful triple crowners, is not only the longest of the three at over 3,000 miles, but with a slogan of “embrace the brutality” thru-hikers know it is going to be a tough hike. The CDT stretches from Canada to Mexico following the backbone of America through the Rocky Mountains. The trail starts in Montana before traversing through Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and finally finishing up in New Mexico. The trail climbs to high alpine peaks, goes down to the desert floor and everything in between.   Read the rest

Why Outessa Matters

Essays From the Field
"I am a judgmental, stubborn New Englander. It takes a lot for me to admit when I am wrong about something. Outessa grew on me in spite of myself. There is something contagious about being part of a community of people that are so supportive and genuinely excited." Read the rest